Produce it yourself

AquaPro can grow chemical-free food anytime, anywhere, with any weather, without soil and it can be tailored to the user’s needs.

Use Case

Aquapro's versatile nature, unlike traditional farming, will adapt to any weather, size and soil conditions, bringing the food production closer to users and operating indoor or outdoors depending on their specifications. We will seek potential partnerships with urban designers and architects of green buildings, health spas, schools, environmentally and health conscious organizations, etc. Furthermore, we will partner with 300+ municipalities in the rural areas some of which cannot longer produce their own food due to the soil erosion and contamination by excessive use of pesticides and GMOs. AquaPro is designed to adapt to the various Bolivian climatic conditions, and to offer consumers a sustainable production all year round.


According to a European Parliament publication aquaponics is among the 10 top technologies that will change the world. AquaPro relies on this technology which is an innovative and efficient agricultural system that allows plants and fish to grow simultaneously in a symbiotic, controlled environment. A successful implementation of this system will dramatically transform the way we produce and consume our food and the way we live and design our homes. AquaPro will have a significant economic and environmental impact as users will become an active part of water preservation, generating less waste, and producing high quality, sustainable, chemical-free, appealing foods.

Business Case

AquaPro is the first innovative homemade production system of organic food; it simplifies the user’s access to their food consumption, avoiding the waste of overproduction in the traditional agricultural techniques. It consist in decrease the costs in terms of energy and water consumption, it produces in parallel 70% more than any other production system in the same surface areas, avoiding the use of any agrochemicals. It is scalable because it allows being adapted in various weather conditions in Bolivia, obtaining a constant and sustainable production. The profitability of the business is in the sales, counseling of the system and providing the consumer the necessary supplies for the correct function and maintenance of the system.


  1. To produce higher amounts of organic and nutritious food in a sustainable way and tailored to user's specifications.
  2. To optimize the production of food with less water and farming soil, decreasing deforestations, and the use of chemicals and pollutants.
  3. To be leaders in the aquaponics technique improving our system and making it accesible to all.

Team AquaOrgánica

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

A short video of our team! / Published January 15, 2017 by Favio Sauto

A short video of our team!

In few minutes we will upload our final pitch and so we would like to show you our teamwork!

Live Testing / Published January 11, 2017 by Favio Sauto

Live Testing

It took time to finish and edit the video, but here we show it, hope you like it! (Do not forget to activate the English subtitles). We are finishing the pitch and we will also upload an extra video introducing us as a team and how we work. That's the update today! Best Regards, Team AquaOrgánica.

Way To Go! / Published January 8, 2017 by Favio Sauto

Way To Go!

This is our iterating plan, we will assemble the system, then produce it and promote it to get new testing opportunities. In order to improve the system we will assist the user with an ecologic and organic production system so that we can study the user's behavior and also analyze and compile the data about the system's impact in the context of our society.

GIF Masters / Published January 8, 2017 by Favio Sauto

GIF Masters

Took time but we finally have our GIF making our prototype, it was hard to move it from one house to another because it is made of glass, and we had to be very careful, and it was not just that, we barely made it fit in an tiny elevator to take it to the last floor of an building to make its final pieces, but in that process we had also a lot of fun, and was a great night!

Expert Input #3 / Published January 8, 2017 by Favio Sauto

Expert Input #3

Rider León, is an agricultural engineer, he is very interested in our system, he told us that if we feed the fishes with their normal food it would not be organic, and that we have to research what kind of plants can serve as food for fish or to search for a more organic food (Maybe use the fish food of team Kulisha), this to improve the symbiosis of the system.

Our Team

Our Mission

Our mission is the innovation and adaptation of an ecologic aquaponic production system, capable of producing organic vegetables and fishes in a sustainable way and with high levels of quality. Our purpose is to tailor the system to different environments and functions, wether homemade or mass-produced; through eco-friendly technology that will reduce the costs of food production and improve the user's accessibility to an organic product. Most importantly, it will contribute to the health and food security of the people.

Our Background

Committed to solving the current conflicts concerning agricultural production, and to the improvement of food quality standards, the four of us will be amongst the innovators who will be working to find solutions to make food accessible for 9 billion people expected in 2050, and to guarantee the efficiency in the use of natural resources for the production of food. We defend and value human rights, and work to strengthen the values that distinguish us, contributing with our different skills and ideas to working together towards the same goal. We consider that, using different tools such as social networks and campaigns, we will be able to both raise awareness to work on issues related to food security, and to turn our ideas and concepts into actions. It all comes down to grabbing a slice of the global food problem and becoming part of the solution.

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