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FOOD GENETICS AND AQUAPONICS / Published December 2, 2016 by John Paul


How do we feed a population of 7.5 billion people? And this is not just about feeding but how do we meet the nutritional demands of 1.2 billion Africans alone? How do we make this sustainable? Well, Aristo group advocates for a totally new approach to ensuring food security.
Food Genetics, but how does it work? Today, agriculture is facing a wide range of dynamics that render it an unsuccessful venture. Soil is no longer a reliable foundation for agriculture, it cannot sustain plant life. Pests and parasites are resistant to herbicides. The herbicides themselves are harmful to plants, man and the soil. Herbicides or pesticide will never solve this problem as micro-organisms will always develop resistance with time after exposure to a dose. With these dynamics, agriculture deserves a new approach.
Food genetics is anchored on several principles. It aims; to produce agricultural products with defined nutritional values, to prevent reliance on soil-dependent agriculture, to provide the nutritional demands of 21st century and eliminate effects on plants, soil or consumers. Gene therapy is a revolutionary development in the field of genetics. With the innovation of the CRISPR technology, a lot more can be done if we focus on food security.
Aquaponics is a very important approach to reducing the reliance on soil-dependent agriculture. Through sustainable aquaculture, we can cultivate plants in a pond and at the same time produce fish but these ought to be done differently. These are the approach that Aristo Group is focused on pursuing, food genetics and aquaponics. A detailed proposal to be provided soon.

Our Team

Our Mission

Aristo Group is a team of five young brilliant scientists (Biologists) from The Technical University of Kenya comprising of four ladies and one man. Brought together by the belief that our future lies in the hands of Science, Technology and Innovation plus how much we contribute to this cause. We also hold dear to us the fact that our continent (AFRICA) is looking up to us to solve her woes. With these in mind, Aristo Group is set and ready to meet these challenges and provide sustainable and innovative solutions. Science, Technology and Innovation coupled with Africa’s challenges are what drives Aristo group to explore new opportunities and come up with realistic, sustainable and innovative answers. We represent the potential of the African child and we hope to inspire our generation to this common goal.

Our Background

We believe in the potential of our youth. That we can achieve so much when we come together and focus our minds to the challenges affecting Africa while exploring the opportunities that it offers. Science, technology and innovation are the tools we believe are crucial in the pursuit of our goal. Driven by the problems of our continent and inspired by its potential, we began a scientific journey in our first year in the university in 2015 and until now we are proud of the milestones we have made through research and innovations. Being biologists, there is an immense responsibility on our shoulders towards everything pertaining life and it is therefore our duty to deliver as expected. This challenge is particularly personal to us as it has come at a time when a very good part of our country is facing the wrath of famine and there is no clear solution to the problem. We can do something about it and we will. With the little resources at our disposal and help that we get, we want to actualize our ideas and explore opportunities available out there including this esteemed one. Thank you TFF for this opportunity.

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