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Kampala, Uganda

Permaculture Curriculum a very crucial Tool for training sustainable permaculture approaches on using the best alternatives resources

Permaculture Curriculum , is a supporting tool for permaculture training among communities of learned and Illiterate people to easily understand the reasons why they need permaculture and the easiest way to understand permaculture and how to do it , despite financial challenges and other resources putting in count usage of the best alternative available resources.

(Innovation)permaculture Community sustainable approach to fundamental skill development for food abundance

The permaculture curriculum, is to accelerate fundamental knowledge of the communities , farmers and other stake holders the sustainable way to use all kind of resources to be substitutes for their needs , especially utilizing all kinds of space/ land sizes , soils for food growing and establishing effective carbon gardens horizontal gardens ( non weedeable garden) which is much friendly to working class and all other classes despite the interest to have abundance of food with especially busy schedule organic food consumers , the curriculum proves relevance of sustainability through soil building and soil detoxification to enable soil restoration to increase production and to preserve biodiversity !
This curriculum energized us to get tools that will increase usage of all kind of spaces for food production and tracking down climate and environment threats and disasters, which are great threats to food growing by changing the weather pattern. This tracking tool is a permaculture Kuma App! which enable us get coordinates of the particular place under degradation from the map by taking a picture and upload it to the map of uganda, this enable us to understand the strategy to us to weather rehabilitation pattern in support of communities to have good weather pattern for food growth and get better strategy on water preservation and other permaculture techniques of water harvesting.

What is Permaculture ? / Published October 7, 2016 by CHARLES MUGARURA

What is Permaculture ?

Permaculture Eco-system
Permaculture is the sustainable system to repair agriculture or to implement permaculture Sustainable designed patterns, recycle and usage of all other natural environmental resources to create a sustainable production and harmonized settlement. BEU is built on the foundation of permaculture implementation at a standard of turning the exact problems into solution “the problem is the solution” permaculture is the way to go for sustainability in usage of resources to satisfy man’s needs and the economy because it creates direct and permanent employment opportunity through princinples of permaculture designing..
Seasons have changed, drought, floods and others adverse effects of negligence of natural resources that maintain the balance and stability of nature have become more visible and the time is long overdue for sensitization to reverse this is long overdue. Many young leaders assume that the idea of climate change is a distant aspect of life that is for old people. It is therefore imperative that a platform is created to share information about the same and demonstrate how urgent the issue is and what they can do in their individual capacities and in groups to make the world better.
The changing climate and the increasing scarcity of resources ,has left many communities financially un stable , increased un employment ,scarcity of food , changing of seasons , drought ,poor soils and other related problems due to ignorance of man to give the right response on all these challenges , by actions, observing , experiencing and understanding. Permaculture disciplines are components of permaculture eco-system that provide permaculture Knowledge and technical knowledge on how to respond to the current global environment challenges in a mutual benefit of man and natural resource usage in a harmonized manner. These disciplines enable one to be in position adopt permaculture principals and knowledge to establish permanent –sustainable Agriculture systems, resource usage to their full potential without harming the environment especially the fundamental components of soil and climate fundamental. You cut costs of investment, Harvest money, organic food, good climate in an efficient harmonized manner and acquire sustainable permanent skills.
Permaculture, is built on principles of which all emphasis eco system functioning cycle of resource usage in terms of harvesting from the nature and the whole 10 principles are embedded on the techniques of designing and creativity of the implementor to understand the functionality of the resource , what to harvest , when and how in the harmonized manner.
My new permaculture polished Version - social innovation of integrations, is the current best approach of introducing permaculture to all groups of age regardless the age, Race, religion and financial capacity. The permaculture Multi – implementation approach differs, in relation to the available resources, and topography and the available best alternative resources. Permaculture has direct impact on the first 3 SDGs and 13 (Climate Change) others are aligned on the sideline and achieved indirectly however it is possible to prioritize them towards implementation of the design and set objectives.
Permaculture involves stages on implementation, it involves the site Analysis Designing, the permaculture sustainable final Design and implantation. it has another important element of Zoning , it has zones from zero , one , two , three , four and five . All these zones complete the factors that favor the successful implementation of the reliable sustainable permaculture Eco- system. Permaculture organizes the standard and proper usage of land scape and all other resources in restoration and regeneration matter, which reduces scarcity and creates sustainability.

Our Team

Our Mission

We stand for the sustainability and harmonized permaculture Social Innovation to create sustainable production through using the available best alternative resources to increase food security , climate change and using all kind of size of land especially to the struggling farmers with small marginal lands to be have production and expanding the network of permaculture practitioner among the young and old people through access to perma App platform.

Our Background

My team is of three, Mugarura charles , a permaculturist , computer science Expert and team Leader , Nyero Christopher, permaculture and Animal Expert, Drake Smith ,Mbazira Samson, David Samson a Computer science expert and programmer, both of us we have had good experience in practicing food and water security Programs, in schools and communities through permaculture the only best alternative practice to save the planet and enable man harvest in sustainable way. we are participating in this challenge because we need a stage to demonstrate permaculture Great impact and revolution done by the young generation to save the and secure more food sustainable production practices in the world, inspire and be empowered. We care about Human race and Natural biodiversity usage and harvest Sustainability by providing the best sustainable practices on the available resources through permaculture Eco system design we greatly believe in permaculture impact on changing community, employing more young people , providing never ending food that is purely organic , increasing income in agri-business despite the scarcity of resources. What i want to do, is that i want to expand the sustainable increase production of organic food, water security ,climate and participation of young people in sustainable Agriculture practices through my permaculture social innovations, (designing of all sizes of land especially the small marginal spaces in context of villages and urban gardening, in addition to usage of(IT Tech in permanent Agriculture (permaculture Eco -System ), the Permaculture App that is embedded to connect and provide information on permaculture sustainable principles of designing Eco -system, soil building and bio diversity principle practices and stages of permaculture implementation,and power of organic food consumption to the health, Using all kind of lands and size especially enabling the small holder farmers using their small marginal lands for sustainable never ending productioin in favor of permaculture soil and resource pattern designing.

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