Team BioAlgae Feed

Malang, Indonesia

Our Team

Our Mission

In 2050, the most crucial global challenge is to twice food production in a half ecological footprint. In order to cope this problem, poultry sectors remain to be the most potent solution to provide food, particularly animal protein. This is due to the poultry sector is the most efficient animal food producer in terms of land and resources usage. Unfortunately, in most of developing countries such as Indonesia, poultry production was depends heavily on imported feed ingredients, which could increase production cost, and then make poultry products could not be affordable for consumer. Hence, effort to find alternative of imported feed ingredients is currently become necessary. The idea about BioAlgae Feed comes because of the biochemical content of microalgae which is high in energy and protein. In addition microalgae biomass also contains essential amino acid, essential fatty acids and carotenoids. Those nutrients have significant role to improve production performance, immune system, products quality, and also could support eco-friendly poultry production. Therefore, our teams are strongly believe by using microalgae biomass could provide significant benefit for sustainable poultry production.

Our Background

Limit of understanding about potency of microalgae as feed ingredient in poultry have driven us to develop BioAlgae Feed. Our team consists of 5 student from interdisciplinary studies with experiences in research and product development. Faizal Andri is leader of this project. Currently, he enrolled as M.Sc Student in Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Sciences, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Brawijaya University, Indonesia. In same time, he also work as research assistant in Tropical Poultry Production Research Group in same university. His current research interest is the use of essential fatty acid, natural antioxidant, and microalgae in poultry nutrition. Several his academic achievements include: Young Scientist Award/ JSAS Excellent Presentation Award in the 17th AAAP Animal Science Congress (2016), 3rd Undergraduate Local Prize Winner in Alltech Young Scientist (2014), and The Best Young Presenter in the 2nd Animal Production International Seminar (2013).

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