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Fighting Malnutrition like a Boss !!!

Providing farmers an affordable seaweed Fertilizer & using that money to serve Nutritious Seaweed Cookies to malnourished children of Kutch.

Use Case

Kutch, India’s largest coastal district has a 400 km coastline, having rich biodiversity. As it is totally surrounded by desert, there is a scarcity of vegetation & water resulting into more than 20% malnourished children & tough farming condition. For all those Farmers struggling to give a better life to their family in Kutch, dissatisfied with their compulsion to buy expensive fertilizer with average 150-200% profit margins. Our initiative will provide a low-cost, high-quality, sustainable seaweed fertilizer to the local farmers & utilize their money to serve deliciously nutritious SeaWeed Cookies to Malnourished children of the same region! It will help alleviate ‘hidden hunger’ in communities that do not have access to essential micronutrients such as iodine, calcium, and iron.


India has an enormous coastline of 7,517 km & yet India has to take advantage of seaweeds. It is easily cultivated with zero inputs – no water, no land, no fertilizers. It’s the most sustainable form of food production on the planet, which is why we call it restorative farming. By consuming as little as10gm/day/person, our seaweed cookies can provide almost all micronutrients which regular foods in the Indian diet do not provide. The cookie is also getting a boost from the increased interest in vegetarian food, as 40% Indians are vegetarians! The real proof of our success is, Children LOV our cookies. Field data from 7 trials of our Seaweed liquid fertilizer shows that used as a spray it increases yields on average by at least 20% in a variety of crops including Peas, maize & cabbage.

Business Case

Any new innovation should form an easy dovetail joint among the 3Ps – People, Process, and Product. Our innovation does exactly this. Our Unique Business Model allows Serving Nutritious Seaweed cookies to malnourished child for no profit basis, from the revenue generated by selling sustainable liq. fertilizer to the local farmers. Through our efforts and those of others in the industry, seaweed Cookies is starting to get noticed in the mainstream media. All 3 Market forces are with us- Economical, Social & Technological! This is the best time for this. On the sales and marketing side, we are working to educate and inform manufacturers and consumers on the health benefits associated with seaweed Cookies & Fertilizer. We live the problem and We have a measurable go-to-market plan for it.


  1. A Unique Business Model of serving nutritious Seaweed cookies to malnourished children from revenue generating by selling liq fertilizers
  2. Creating healthy competition by breaking the monopoly of industries, keeping ~150% margin on fertilizers by selling affordable fertilizer
  3. Introducing a new era of Seaweed products for the people who are still deprived bcoz of false presumption despite of its ample advantages

Team Frôm Chałłenge - To Øpportun¡Ty

Surat, India

We Famous / Published January 10, 2017 by Chaula Dixit

We Famous

Gujarat Industrial Development Cooperation College(GDEC) endorses Innovation of From Challenge To Opportunity

Way To Go / Published January 4, 2017 by Chaula Dixit

Way To Go

Iterations are used to describe the process of repeating experiments, assessments, or projects, until more accurate results are found. This idea is found in the old adage, "Practice makes perfect." In particular, "iterative" is defined as the "process of learning and development that involves cyclical inquiry, enabling multiple opportunities for people to revisit ideas and critically reflect on their implication." Unlike computing and math, Iterations are not predetermined; instead, the task is repeated until success according to some external criteria (often a test) is achieved.

Expert Input / Published January 3, 2017 by Chaula Dixit

Expert Input

1. Prof. Mihir Vyas
Head Of Dept,
Environmental Engineering Dept,
GEC, Surat.

"That's really interesting.. Experiments with seaweed has made headway in identifying the mechanism needed to increase food production for our future and improving the environment.
I really suggest that aquaculture license needs to support forthcoming new achievement in this sector.
Thank you for the COOKIES.. Waiting for more 😉"

2. Prof. Khyati Modi
Head Of Dept,
Environmental Engineering Dept,
GEC, Valsad.

"Students... Seriously you are doing something amazing and in a unique way.
If you are rehabbing a thing like seaweed and offering it in a cheap way to overcome these global challenges.. That is totally worth it..
But to overcome all these global problems by using these seaweed is not quite easy.. But I believe, it clears my doubt by your team name itself "From challenge to opportunity". Best Wishes..."

3. Vallabhbhai Ahir
Serial Farmer,
Panera, Vapi.

"Great Efforts & Execution!! Your mission is the growth of thoughtful and productive community from seaweed, to build a sustainable food system for our future. Invention of your seaweed cookies will definitely increase the consumption of nutritional food for those who are suffering from malnutrition. This is totally worth supporting !!! Kudos KiDs"

Idea Parkers / Published January 2, 2017 by Jalaj Dixit

Idea Parkers

This is what we do with those "AHA! Ideas" without losing our focus! Idea Parking helps us remember those important ideas that pop into our heads randomly and utilize those later in our project.

On Time, On Target / Published January 1, 2017 by Utsav Soni

On Time, On Target

1) Lack of nutrients in daily diet of common people resulting into malnutrition.
2) Chemical Fertilizers destroying our soil & water which are Expensive too !!!
3) Seaweeds choking waterways throughout the Coast. (bdw India itself has more than 7000 km of Sea Coast on its 3 sides)
4) Proliferation of seaweeds causing declination of coral reefs and creation of Dead Zones endangering marine life.

1) Extraction of various nutrients from different Seaweeds in form of Super delicious Cookies.
2) Production of cheap & sustainable liquid Fertilizer as a byproduct.
3) Reduction of Marine Pollution.
4) Provide employment opportunity to the local people living nearby sea coast.

Consumer's Perspective
1) Product should be affordable and easily available.
2) It should add nutritional value to the regular diet.
3) It should be derived from natural sources.

Current Scenario:
The history of Indian Seaweed research is not more than 75 Years. Rich Seaweeds resources are abundant qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Utilizing Sea weed as a Source of nutrients has a great potential which will attract market of Billion of Dollars, but it lacks the proper awareness among people.

Our Team

Our Mission

How about looking at micronutrient-rich seaweeds as an affordable source of nutrition? Yes. We’ve found seaweeds that has disguised itself as Cookies. And people around the world are discovering this tasty, healthy and sustainable wonderfood. Our mission is to finish malnutrition by upgrading our favorite foods using the incredible potential of seaweeds- Vital incredient from the ocean.. Team From Challenge- To Opportunity addresses the problem of Food Poverty through a Unique Business Model. Food Poverty occurs when communities do not have access to nutritious food, resulting in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. According to the World Health Organization, up to 2 billion people suffer from anemia due to iron deficiency. Hence, there needs to be a more economical and sustainable way to get nutritious food.

Our Background

We are a Team of 5 crazy curious childhood friends, passionate about Engineering, Agronomy, Astronomy, Gardening, Travelling and everything we do !!!. Anne-Marlene Rueede – A Beautiful Architect of our team, Expressing our Values. Her Design is the silent ambassador of our brand. She Eat, Sleep & Design. That’s it! And her Every design begins with an even better story. We don’t know how she always finds the calm in the Choas !!! haha Chaula: A born Mathematicians, A skilled programmer and A constant fire behind our Team Work !!! Without her innocent laughter & unbreakable persistence, this journey won’t be so wonderful & satisfying! She has a Mind of Genius & soul of a Child, maybe that’s why she becomes best friend of every child we meet! Akash: Potential Electrical Engineer by education and Terrific Experimenting Chef from Heart !!! We can say “Happiness for him is Electrical engineering, Indian cooking, and snatching friend’s ChocolateS ! haha Jalaj: He is one of the QuieT but super imp BackboNe of our Team !! and he loves to eat those mysterious snacks- which can give him Super Powers to stay awake whole whole nightZz with that slow, doesn’t matter type music of radio! An Aspiring EC Engineer full of electricity with his Camera!!! He captures life all the time!!! His camera is SAVE button for his mind’s eye !! And You have to believe me on this “There is a force more powerful than steam and electricity: His will.” And Finally Me, Utsav: I’m a Daydreamer, Trouble maker & for whom Engineering without Art is incomplete!!! A Mechanical engineer by degree and gardening enthusiast by passion. According to my Team, I’m ``A CraZzY IdioT GuY, with lotZz of DreaMzZz in Eye`` !!! hahaha We truly love what we do !! And being Childhood Friends we share a bond, which I guess no one understands !!! From Challenge- To Opportunity is not just the name of our Team but its name of our Journey which we are sailing upon.

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